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Apr 6, 2014

Forex Market Psychology

Psychology of human behavior is a key to understanding what is going on in financial markets. All usual, everyday feelings and desires develop in strict market battles. Fear, avarice, hope and other feelings which are so characteristic for us influence a lot upon the trader’s conduct in fast rhythm of exchange trade. Weak, self-assured, greedy and slow people are doomed to become market victims. The knowledge of your own skills and preferences, negative and positive qualities can help to avoid wasting of money. 


The motive power which forces us to work at financial markets is greediness. If your greediness is petty you will make few bargains and miss many good moments. In such case it is better to get in other type of business. 

But in case if your greediness knows no bounds you will try to make as more as possible bargains and jeopardize yourself in vain. You’d better try to play casino. 

The result of greediness effect is a motivation to making bargains. It is possible to point out 2 types of motivation: 

- Reasonable motivation. A young trader usually has it till his first entry into market and in the work of professional trader. 

- Unreasonable motivation. It expresses in the player’s excitement and almost every trader has it, but some traders are able to control their excitement and the others are emotion slaves and are doomed to failure. 

It is possible to elicit if you play under the influence of greedy excitement or not with the help of some signals. 

- If the trader asks others: “What do you think about this?” 

If he tells others about his open positions. 

- If the trader has no work plan before making bargains. 

These facts tell us that a person works under the influence of excitement, not the reason. 

Hope and expectations 

The next factor which can move a trader to making bargains is hope for getting profit. Of course the sense of every work is to get money. But, if the hope prevails over interest you risk making an overrating of your skills and possibilities during situation analysis. Sometimes great hope reduces traders-beginners to wasting money. 

Hope determines the trader’s conduct in two main situations: 

- At the time of entry to the market. Only hope for getting profit can make a person to do some action on financial market. 

- At the moment of getting damages, when there is a hope for changing situation for the better. 


Fear appears when you get damages. Some people are petrified by fear and they can’t stop and lose everything. The others fear makes to move and make sometimes incompatible bargains such actions usually quicken ruin too. 

At the moment of crisis it is better to do something, then sit on your hands and watch your dreams about future disappearing. But at the same time don’t act like a nervous choleric person, it is better to act according to plan and don’t panic. Such steps will help to avoid great damage for you. 

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Feb 12, 2014

Forex Electronic Platforms for Online Trading

Nowadays the overwhelming majority of currency traders use trading platforms. An electronic trading platform is nothing else but the computer system used for orders placing, with the help of financial intermediary. Trading platforms allow trading from any location and gives you an access to the market.

Platforms are usually divided into different types by asset class, for instance, platforms for Options, Stocks, Forex, Futures, etc. Each of these groups provides special platforms with the unique set of tools. Today out article is about Forex platforms.

There are three main types of platforms: brokerage, independent and mobile.

Brokerage platforms:

Advantages: these platforms are well integrated in the brokerage system. They provide efficient and fast execution with low fees or without them at all. Brokerage platforms include the ability to save the setups of your system, different tools for analyses, and a good amount of proprietary. 

Disadvantages: the tool library isn’t extensive and these platforms are not customizable.

These platforms are perfect for traders or investors which want the well-rounded platform, with all the information in a certain format.

Such platforms are perfect for traders or investors who have several accounts and want to trade with the same platform. Such platforms usually have additional software, different tools, libraries, apps etc. These platforms are faster than the brokerage one, that’s why they can save your time and you can gain more money.

These platforms can be a perfect addition to the computer platforms, especially when you’re far away from a computer and you need to watch your investment.
  • Experience
  • Trading complexity and style
  • Risks
  • Options
Independent platforms:

Advantages: they integrate with different “accepted’ brokers, provide more extensive tools and also they are more customizable.

Disadvantages: difficult integration, high fees, too many tools, and services.

Mobile platforms:

Advantages: you don’t need to call your broker if you want to receive special information about your investments. These platforms allow you to access your account anywhere where you can find WiFi.

Disadvantages: slow, the interface is more complicated, badly integrated with brokerages, because it’s a relatively new technology.

Now we’ll present you Top Platforms for Forex trading. Our top is based on four main criteria:
Computer platforms:

1. Meta trader 4

This is a trading platform for Forex online trading, CFDs and trading on futures markets. It was developed by MetaQuotes. This platform is number one for Forex trading; it’s used by millions of traders and usually gets best reviews. Metatraider 4 provides you a lot of different scripts, indicators, tools for technical analyses and other applications for the perfect analyses performance. If you have programming skills, you can make custom indicators and automated trading system, because this platform has its own language – MQL4.

2. Esignal

This platform is perfect for both the beginners and the professionals. This platform supports different chart types and tools, provides the direct trading with brokers and charting using hundreds of pre-designed strategies and technical indicators. The platform is quite easy in usage because of additional learning information about it. Also, there are also many experienced moderators ready to help and support if it’s needed.

3. Ninja Trader

Ninja Trade is a popular trading platform. Nowadays this platform is supported by hundreds developers and brokers. Ninja Trader consists of more than 300 developers/partners. This platform includes the function of multi-charting, chart trader, and big strategies library.

This platform is full of different tools and services for technical analysis, strategy development, trade management etc.

Mobile platforms:

1. AvaFX

The main feature of this platform is the rich automated tracking package, which includes the wide-known Zulu Trade system. AvaFX.com enables algorithmic trading and provides the security of your data and funds.

2. eToro

Trading with such platform provides you different software enabling you the responsible trading and also different tools to trade more effectively. The interface is quite easy and clear, so the user will not feel that there’s too much information there.

3. Forex Yard and Hot Forex

Forex Yard Company uses the Meta Trader platform and offers the phone support and perfect customer service. The main disadvantage of this platform is that it can’t deal with US users. So if it causes a trouble, we can offer you the other platform – Hot Forex.

About the author: 

The author of the article is Melisa Marzett.
You can find her articles at http://cleverpaperwritingservices.com/. She’s an active person interested in business and finances. If you’d like to find her, you can use Google+.

Nov 26, 2013

How To Trade Stocks Online: Successful Trading Process

online stocks trading
For seasoned day traders, trading stocks online may seem second nature, but for others, buying and selling stocks online is like venturing into parts unknown. The widespread emergence of online trading, brokerages, and dynamic stock trading software tools tremendously simplifies the online stock trading process, but this has also led to certain complexities and liabilities for professional or recreational home investors. Here are some basic steps that will help every novice successfully trade stocks online. 

Select an Online Brokerage 

Before anyone can trade stocks online, they must select an online brokerage. These days, there are many online brokerages vying for the business of potential customers. Thus, it is important for every trader to find the right brokerage that will be a perfect fit for their investment needs. One way of going about this is to choose an online firm that offers a lucrative beginner package. Certain online brokerages provide novice traders with the ability to place free trades for 30 to 60 days, allowing them to get a feel for the online trading process and save money at the same time. However, those in search of the best brokerage accounts should consider much more than the ability to place free trades. They should also take into consideration the number of quality services that the online brokerage provides. 

Review the Rules 

Unfortunately, a trader cannot withdraw gains from their stock trades and stuff them under their mattress for a rainy day. There are rules and regulations in place that dictate what they are allowed to do with their stock trading profits, whether online or through traditional paper investments. Not being aware of these rules can cause certain problems down the road, so novice traders should learn the ins and outs from professionals and become informed on the do’s and don’ts of online stock trading. 

Learn How to Research and Trade Profitably 

After selecting an online brokerage and learning the basic rules governing stock trading, traders should research and educate themselves on profitable online trading strategies. There are online options trading courses that will teach everything a trader needs to know about becoming a successful investor as well as help them become familiar with all of the software trading tools at their disposal. An options trading course will teach beginners all about stop orders, timed orders, limit orders, how the markets work, and much more, allowing them to begin trading confidently right from the start. 

Examine Stocks 

The U.S. and global stock exchanges are home to thousands of stocks that can be traded each and every day. Novice traders should follow successful traders and begin researching all of the potential stock plays. However, in order to become a knowledgeable and smart investor, traders should begin developing their own opinions by performing organic research and only acting on moves that make sense to them. An online brokerage should provide a stock trader with real-time financial data, charts, and other tools to help them make informed trading decisions. When combined with fundamental and technical analysis provided by other trusted sources, this information can be vital to a trader's online trading success. 

Learn the Trading Software 

When a sum of money is deposited into an online brokerage, a trader will be granted access to an online trading account with a diverse set of software features that will help them tremendously in researching stocks, executing buy or sell trades, and tracking each trade. Novice traders should take their time and learn how to use these software tools before placing any large trades. Also, an online brokerage should have quality customer support that can clear up any confusion and answer any questions a trader may initially have. 

Placing Initial Trades 

To make a successful entrance into the world of online stock trading, traders should make a couple of smaller trades and observe what takes place afterwards. Before long, they will notice the correlation between the sell and buy transactions while gaining live trading experience. 

About the Author:

Keith Ng has been an online trader for two years and now shares his tips and strategies for forex, stock or options trading with the public. He was also a part of one of the most successful stock trading courses in Singapore.
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